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Opera GarnierPeople who are loved by their audience and have a magnetic personality usually face a life of traveling a lot and have to manage being a public person. The same emotionality and sensitivity that is a basis of their professional success may get them into a situation when they are exhausted, not happy, and question the meaning of life. The downsides of success and fame are a strain on relationships, and a strain on the person trying to maintain their balance and being in their own center.

Our stage success assistance is designed for celebrities and successful performers who want to balance their life around the stage and find their personal answer to the challenges of success.  We take the pressure off and our proven six step method helps you to regain that inner balance and satisfaction that is vital for you to enjoy your success.

Session1: Introduction and Evaluation

This first session serves for getting to know each other and for assessing the current situation, specific problems and challenges from a psychological point of view. Concrete goals for the process are determined, and the general procedure is explained and adapted to the individual situation.

Session 2: Release of Current Pressure

Usually, the impulse for using Stage Success Coaching comes from a situation with lots of pressure, stress, imbalance, de-motivation or dissatisfaction. In order to look at things more calmly, to get back to your own center and be able to use your resources, the first step is to take off pressure. We use body-energetic methods for doing so quickly and effectively, and for relieving your physical and emotional stress.

Sessions 3 and 4: Solving Subconscious Blockages

These sessions provide the optimal setting for solving the issues that affect your emotional well-being, health and life balance, and allow you to work through pending old issues that block you from being in balance. You can find more clarity and understanding, transform negative feelings, and access the necessary resources to take the required decisions and put them into action.

Session 5: Personal Balance Procedure

This session uses the concept of inner parts from Neuro-Linguistic Programming in order to help you balance different parts of your personality, different and conflicting wishes and values, and reduce the pressure you make on yourself. It brings new resources into your situation and allows you to see the functionality of your inner impulses and needs. It helps you to make peace with those parts of yourself that you may not like, and creates the base for a much more positive daily way to deal with yourself.

Session 6: Finding Meaning

The last session focuses on finding meaning and re-connecting with your vocation. Meaning is created by each of us according to our values and the purpose we give our actions. We will look at the values, intentions and meaningful situations in your life and determine the hindrances that keep you from living accordingly and experiencing this meaning every day of your life. The session helps you to take decisions, transform inner blocks and find peace from your inner center.

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