Stage Presence Coaching

Three People at Casting CallStage Presence Coaching is designed for performers who want to reach their full potential on stage. If you want to develop more stage presence and overcome personal doubts and emotional blocks that keep you from being successful, then this is just right for you!

You will learn to shine on stage and be in a state of balance and energy. It is an individual, experience- and result-oriented, creative process that uses introspection and release techniques to recognize and transform all your stage presence blocks.

Through the release of negative emotions and limiting thoughts, it improves your self-esteem, the quality of your performance, and helps you to enjoy your stage experience.

You can learn to let it flow and to let go, and to focus on what’s really important: The message or feeling you convey to your audience.

When you are centered and you believe in yourself, you can touch people’s hearts and create them an unforgettable experience. You can present an even better result of your work on stage.


After going through the Stage Presence Coaching process

  • You believe in yourself and have let go of negative and limiting beliefs and emotions about yourself
  • You are able to be “in the flow” because you’ve transformed your fears, tensions and anxiety
  • You know who you are in life and on stage, and that allows you to grow as an artist
  • You are guided through a personal, step by step process to your own inner center
  • You know how to be authentic with any message that you elect to give, and thus have a very direct contact with your audience

Stage Presence Coaching is a process of 4-10 individual 1,5-hour sessions that can be done in person or on Skype.

After a free individual evaluation of the current and the desired situation, the process is set out and planned in time. Usually, there is a more frequent basic work in the beginning, followed by a time of punctual support around concrete stage appearances.

Contact us to book your free assessment and find out how you can benefit from Stage Presence Coaching!


Marie Elisabeth Stadelmann“The exam is over, and I got a 1.0!

Your work and the methods you taught me have helped me incredibly. During the weeks before the exam, I have consistently worked on activating my positive states and projecting the emotional states in all my pieces – and the jury perceived that clearly. I worked a lot with joy and light, and without even knowing that, the jury gave me just this feedback: “Incredible joy and shining!”

Marie-Elisabeth Stadelmann, singer

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