The Goal

Crazy CreativeThe major goal for any performer is to be yourself so profoundly that you can be anything you want to be on stage, and give any message you choose.

It includes making peace with your own unwanted parts, letting go of judgements, and learning to “be in the moment”. When you reach this authenticity, reaching and emotionally moving your audience is a natural consequence.


Performance goals:

  • Center your attention on the situation and on your message
  • Be “in the flow”, live and act out of the moment
  • Find a positive perspective and motivation for performing
  • Eliminate negative perceptive filters
  • Have lighter, less stressful, healthier performances
  • Reach your audience, connect with them
  • Move the audience and convey your message; convince
  • Show your real potential

Personal performance enhancing goals:

  • Develop strength as a person and clarity as an artist personality
  • Improve self-esteem independent from external recognition
  • Build up the inner security that gives room to your flexibility, creativity and spontaneity

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