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There is no use in understanding exactly why you feel nervous or tense, if then the sensation remains the same. And there is no use in trying to “appear” in control and secure, when your heart is beating fast, you sweat, or cannot breathe.

Because we cannot act “against” our emotions and there is no way to control them with the mind, we have to actually dissolve emotional blocks. We have to find and erase the triggers of personal insecurity and old negative emotions in order for you to be only dealing with your present, the stage experience. Once you change your automatic emotional reactions, you can add methods and tools to improve your skill level.

For allowing your optimal learning process, we have researched a wide range of psychological fields, and combine many different methods and approaches.

Emotions on Stage

Emotions cannot be repressed partially. If you don’t want to feel negative emotional states such as anxiety, vulnerability or panic, you cannot create a memorable experience for the audience. If you need to keep away painful memories, you cannot access your emotional resources freely. So we combine two basic approaches: We help you transform blocking emotions systematically when you prepare yourself for shining, and to accept them completely when you are on the stage.

An important part of shining on stage is the readiness to go through the process of learning, of making mistakes, of feeling “negative emotions” and accepting them. Only when we can be on stage with anything that we experience, we can be authentic, human, and reach our audience directly and impressing.

Support via Phone and Skype

In order to improve the flexibility and availability to our clients, we also offer support via phone and Skype. This is especially recommended after completing one of our individual Shine-on-Stage programs.

Contact us to book your free assessment and find out how you can benefit from our services!


“I would recommend Shine on Stage for public speaking issues without a doubt, most of all because it is something fast that really works. It is easy to quickly notice the results, and that gives you the necessary self-confidence for your desired changes to occur.”

José Giménez, 32, graphic designer

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