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no-pic-girlOur work was very productive! Today I had a rehearsal with the director and it simply went great. I felt so secure and my voice did anything I wanted it to do. I notice that I perform on a completely different level. Thank you!

anonymous, singer


16 04 28 catherine cangianoI can honestly say yesterday was a very good audition. Probably one of the best I have done in years. I really was able to gather myself beforehand in a strong way, and I got so into the characters I actually surprised myself. In recent days a lot of transforming seemed to occur, and it just helped me enormously… I am really grateful for the work we are doing, looking forward to our next session!

Catherine Cangiano, singer



I think what attracts us to artists is the fact that they are vulnerable and courageous enough to show us themselves and now, I feel that through my work with Katharina, I am able to do this! I am now able to use my voice, technique and more importantly incorporate my personality into my auditions, rehearsal, and performances. I am extremely grateful for the tools she has provided me and continue to use them not only in my singing, but also in my daily life. It is such a wonderful and freeing experience!

Stephanie Dominguez, singer


I notice how much has changed through the work with you! Really, there are many situations in which I feel much better and more secure. Especially the last session has lifted me up a lot, and when I played the second solo voice in my last concert, is went great! Thank you!

Franziska Hahn, violinist



When I came to Katharina in October 2011, I had had enough of my less than ideal audition experiences!

I have since had two treatments, after which I noticed quite a difference in my ability to perform and audition under pressure.
In addition, following my second treatment, I had a very positive audition experience and just got word that I will be a part of various future projects as a result!
Thanks Katharina!!

Patricia Forbes, Contralto



A part of the Shine on Stage work is finding and erasing negative personal belief systems. We did a session with a singer releasing his negative beliefs, and here is what he said two days after:
“I can already notice the relief from all these extremely negative beliefs in the rehearsals. I can now concentrate on what I want to express instead of thinking about what others may perceive, whether it is too soft, or if it’s “right”…
That’s how singing is fun!!!”

Jakob Ahles, singer



“After working with Katharina, I am now at a point where everything is ready – my voice, my technique, and my personality. I have become conscious of how I function in belief patterns which have manifested in me throughout the years. Through the Shine on Stage methods and tools I have learned to dissolve them as soon as I become conscious of them in my mind and body. I’ve realized that this is my process of learning, and I am tremendously grateful for it.”

Veronika Madler, singer


I notice every day that it becomes easier and easier, and I’ve tried lots of other things before. Since we’ve been working together, it’s been working better and better. Generally I notice, that my voice is more present and that I don’t have to do much to get it going. That makes me happy and I feel that my voice and I are becoming more united and working together. Now, I just have to be able to to do it! The more I progress with you, the better I feel on stage, and I’m having fun when it works that well!

Roger Krebs, Bass


In any artistic profession, self-esteem and confidence are crucial. But frequently they get diminished through criticism and pressure. So, how is it possible to feel self-secure and confident in the moment when we need it? Katharina’s technique has easily revealed itself to me, and has helped me with exactly this issue in a very short time. I had not been conscious, how much our emotions can block us or support us. Through the Emotional Freedom Technique, I have made the first steps to understanding and releasing my negative emotions. Now I can, each time better, activate my self-confidence in the right moments!

Nora Lentner, singer



I feel much more energetic after our sessions. In the following days that gets a little weaker, but I realize that I am far from falling back onto the level where I started. In the last weeks and months I’ve been feeling strong, satisfied, capable and – what makes me most joyful – I can even let things go, if I don’t manage to do something right away as I wanted to…

Remo Tobiaz, singer



Wow, so much has changed since our last session. First I want to thank you for everything! Since then, I’ve been having the feeling of much more clarity in my head and in general, and I feel lighter and full of energy… I actually notice how many things have to find their new place within me… This work layer by layer is great! It helps me to put things in order and I can hardly wait to continue my work with you.

Valentina Stadler, singer

no-pic-girlThrough the process of Stage Presence Expansion with Shine on Stage I have developed more security and tranquility, so when I practice now, I can find my voice much faster. For the performance on Stage, Shine on Stage has helped me to completely devote myself to the role, and immerse myself in it. I feel free, and I have rediscovered my power, and the joy of working with the music and my voice. I can recommend Shine on Stage to anyone who wants to discover and live his or her potential!

Grace Foster, singer

no-pic-boyMy goal was to improve my communication skills, because I was quite frustrated in my professional and personal relationships. Public speaking was, in a way, the biggest challenge, because I felt that panic coming up even when explaining something to just a few people. After having done only 4 sessions, I notice a huge improvement: I communicate easily and in a simple way, and consequently feel less frustrated, more secure, with more self-esteem and happier.

José Giménez, 32, graphic designer

Winnie Burtz, singer.

Shine-on-Stage has taught me so many important things for my career, for example that it is possible to develop self-esteem, courage and power. And that a lack of self-confidence is not an unchangeable problem.

Just this knowledge has opened new worlds to me!

Winnie Burz, singer
Yuki Nakashima singer


So far, I’ve had no opportunity to learn about stage fright. After this incredible course, my thoughts about it are much clearer, and I’ve gotten many new ideas about how to handle my nervousness!

Yuki Nakashima, singer

no-pic-girlThe Shine-on-Stage course was really great, and I could learn many new aspects and techniques. The trainer, Katharina Seidler, was very kind and very competent. On a highly professional level she managed to explain many complex issues in an easily accessible way. I will surely recommend this workshop!

Irina Granovskaya, violinist

indra podewils singer.

Through the Shine-on-Stage Workshop I’ve discovered new skills. Now I know that I am capable of so much more!

Indra Podewils, singer.

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