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Shine on Stage was founded by Katharina Seidler in 2008, and works with a network of qualified professionals in different parts of Europe. While supporting preventive training and education for young artists, we consult highly experienced and successful performers and give in-depth personal and professional support.

Shine-on-Stage and its products are a result of personal passion, professional experience and systematic research. They combine result-orientation with patience, knowledge with intuition, and professional success with acting from your inner center.


A personal welcome from Katharina


Katharina Seidler, founder of Shine on Stage

Katharina Seidler

Katharina is a Licensed Psychologist, a Master of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and specializes in the new field of Energy Psychology. She is German, has lived in the United States and lives currently in Spain. Besides her pioneer effort in the field of stage psychology, she offers psychological support for personal issues at www.resource-yourself.com.


My gift to you

I love to share my knowledge and experience to help others and will be happy to give you a free assessment of your current situation (with no strings attached). After your analysis you will have a clear picture of where you stand, what is limiting you and a simple action plan of key steps to solving any issues and achieving your success on stage.

All you have to do is contact me at katharina@shine-on-stage.com or call one of the indicated numbers (Phone Germany: +49 (151) 17366743, Phone Spain: +34 678 822 839) and ask for your free assessment.

What are you waiting for? Grab this opportunity of an effective, fast and positive way to realizing your dream today!

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