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What you resist, persists – The Simplest Way to Disappear your Fears and Pressure

“When I have to function in front of other people in rehearsals, auditions or performances there is really nothing I can do about my bad feelings and inner reactions.” Is that your experience?

The other day I talked to a client about all the pressure fears and judgments he felt during his auditions, and sometimes even during rehearsals and performances. He said, that when other people are around, he didn’t feel free to do any tapping, or apply other techniques, and that he cannot be doing interior work when he has to “function” to the outside. That reminded me of one of the most important and simple basics: Your attitude about your own negative emotions. It’s a powerful tool, once you are conscious of different attitudes you have and are willing to alter them. We work with so many methods and trying different things that sometimes we forget the most basic and simple things, so I am dedicating this blog to reminding you about the simple way of dealing with negative emotions and blockages.

Typical attitudes about negative emotions on stage

Most performers know these attitudes, thoughts and approaches to their own fears and blockages:

“I must not be nervous.”

“Nobody must notice how insecure I am.”

“I have to ignore my fear and pretend it’s not there, so others won’t notice it.”

“I have to keep going DESPITE of this blockage”

“I must not feel as I do because it keeps me from showing what I can.”

“I must bear this unwanted feeling.”

“I have no control over this fear/pressure.”

As you may notice, what all of these approaches have one thing in common – the attitude or belief that “negative emotions are undesirable”, the attitude of fighting them, trying to make them go away. Too bad that all of these thoughts don’t represent a fight against something outside of you, but they embody a fight against a part of yourself. And it’s too bad that, whenever we fight ourselves, we become weaker and less self-assured and more insecure. Another negative side effect of fighting your own “negative” and “weak” side is that the intent of shutting off the negative emotions shuts of your whole emotionality and thereby reduces your expressive power to a minimum. There is no way we can selectively shut down certain emotions. Instead, we shut down our ability to feel and connect with ourselves, and with others.

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